Hi. I'm William.

I do digital marketing: nice words and nasty data. If you need your business to grow, scroll down for lots more!

Here's the important stuff.

Why you need me to grow your business.

The miniature pitch:
I'm a semi-technical growth marketer. A happy generalist.
Data-guided and design-minded.

I have a ton of practical experience with HTML/CSS, social ads, web analytics, copywriting, content strategy, PR, conversion optimisation, UX research, SEM, Wordpress, SEO, social media, community management, marketing automation and a fair few things in-between.

You can grab my CV , if you're into that.

What I've been up to

Remote Freelancing

Accountabilty, brutal time management and friendly over-communication - freelance life is wearing many hats. I've spent a decent chunk of my professional life as a remote working contractor and/or self-propietor, collaborating with teams from SF to Hong Kong on multitudinous projects.

Startups to Scaleups

Spinning the plates of scrappy startup marketing is one thing, and scaling and optimising the acquisition funnel of a recently acquired fintech startup is another. Whichever stage the business is at, it's good to know the next steps in where we're going.

Agency Experience

Definitely feels a little funny to actually have had a business card that says "growth hacker". I spent two years working in multidisciplanary teams developing and implementing growth strategies for some of the biggest companies in the Nordics and freshest startups throughout Europe.

Want to know a little more about me personally?

Who does this guy think he is?

The Life Story

Scottish but living in Budapest and, right now, freelancing for a few awesome clients. Got here via fintech startups, agency team leading, teaching, writing, postgrad study, and adventures. Current preoccupations: customer happiness, metrics and getting technical. And growing, always.

The Day Job

Getting things optimised, benchmarking, transacting emails, arguing about Museo Sans, distributing content, frowning at stock photographs, spreadsheeting, looking at metrics like a pirate, minimising meetings, testing, testing, testing, going with my gut.

The Drawing Board

Marketing movies, renting art, ethical sportswear, video production, calling up superheroes. Hacking together a landing page for the world's simplest introduction webapp? Hashing out the finer points of microblogging one's memories? My backburner is quite full just now.

Maybe it would help to tell you a little about me?

Everything you could ever want to know.

Let's climb inside my brain.

Self Propelled

Self Propelled

Few things make me happier than solving problems. If you need me, I'll be in the other room battering on through whatever needs to be done. I'm into small teams, forward-thinking culture and the shared goal of creating something enormous. Why yes, I am interested in talking about that awesome thing you're doing...

Self Propelled

Always Improving

I’m a big fan of Getting Things Done. My girlfriend and I share a multifaceted Trello to-do board. Recent experiments have involved kitchen timers and Jerry-Seinfeld-style habit forming (made by a friend of a friend). I'm going to sit up straighter in 2015 and stop computering in bed.

Self Propelled

Wide Ranging

I was actually born in Hull, in the North of England. I moved a lot as a child to the Falkland Islands, Botswana, Namibia, Bangladesh and Nepal. One day, I will tick Australasia of my list too! My German is slowly improving. My French is a little better. My Finnish? I have a plan.

Your hunger for William knowledge is still not sated?

Here's how I spend the rest of my time:



I play some instruments. And sing. I’ve organized quite a few shows over the years. Sometimes I DJ. Mostly, I like to write and record. I've got a pretty good handle on video editing too. By this stage, I know enough semi-professionals to love only having music as a hobby.


Our first computer was a 286. I’ve come up through bbses to compuserve to livejournal to music forums through friendster-myspace-facebook-twitter-ello. Along the way I’ve hosted a radio show turned podcast and, right now, I'm working on polishing my real, pro-nerd skills.



I haven't yet, but I’m planning to run a marathon. Ideally before I get properly old. I am, though, the proud owner of several pair of full length thermals and plenty of blisters. Hills and gale force shorelines are the place to be.



I'm not so big on crystals and making weird noises, but I once was mistaken for some kind of mystic - far from home, with a rather large beard. Jon Kabat-Zinn is a guy I have a load of time for.



My mother was a scout leader. Hence, I’m a campfire professional. Stalking mushrooms is one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. In a ideal world, I would live in a cabin (with internet though, of course!)



I could never settle for one country’s cooking. Currently, I'm a little obsessed with frying cheese. But I would like to think my specialty is Indian: I can pretty much cook Madhur Jaffrey’s entire Indian Cooking book from memory. I eat everything. I’m into these.



I've worked in bars and I've brewed some beer myself. Only semi-pro, mind you. And I did have a wonderful team of energy engineers to help! Otherwise, you can't go wrong with a Rothaus. I am a whisky snob. Also - almost-my-home-town makes gin now.



I’m very lucky to be assisted in all endevours by Nano and Pico. Little fluffy French cats. Yes, they are named after metric system scale divisions. We have also recently come into posession of one medium sized woofing animal, provisionally "Musti".

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