Hi there! I’m William. I help businesses grow.

Where to begin? Well, I’m an experienced, versatile marketing generalist, slanted towards the digital but with a background in old-school copywriting and brand development. I’ve spent going-on fifteen years, working with everything from early stage to post-acquisition startups grow their customer bases and audiences, through a wide variety of channels and strategies.

There’s some agency and freelance contractor work in there too and my business card has read everything from Head of Marketing to Growth Hacker (ugh) and back to Head of Marketing again. I’ve worked in offices in six cities and have a half dozen years of experience working remotely (and the tastefully decorated home office to prove it).

Though I do very much appreciate maintaining a good work-life balance, I also find myself helping all manner of friends, acquaintances, colleagues, bandmates, golf partners, etc. launching their own websites/stores/apps.

I don’t want to bore you with too many details and everyone has a massive list of these details, but I know my way around: analytics, partnership negotiations, funnel/attribution modelling, social/search ads, illustrator/photoshop, content strategising, html/css, retargeting, email automation, smaller events, support processes and probably quite a few other things I’ve forgotten.

Apart from all this very important marketing stuff, you probably want to know that I’m a decent, well-rounded human being. I’m a very happily very-part-time musician and, otherwise, mainly occupied by renovating a wooden cabin in the Hungarian countryside. Like many millennials, I apparently like making lists, so two such things follow.


Being asked what music you like is essentially the worst possible question, but the internet says I listen to:

  • Bonnie “Prince” Billy
  • Glenn Branca
  • Oneohtrix Point Never
  • Parenthetical Girls
  • Stars Of The Lid
  • Steve Reich
  • The Lucksmiths.

And who am I to argue?


If we ever decide to meet in a place (or online), you can start a possibly-interesting conversion with me about:

  • Nice coffee
  • Currying things
  • Wings
  • Sour beer
  • Fennel
  • Smoked fish
  • Whisky sours
  • A good farmer’s market

I always forget wine.